Biomarin - Project SOAR

Purcell Scaffolding Cork Ltd. was the sole recipient of the scaffolding and access contract for an extensive re-modification of the former Pfizer Shanbally site.

The scaffolding access issues within the plant were numerous and complex. An added difficulty which we had to overcome in this project was the continual demand for extremely clean components – absolute necessities within the Bio-Pharma Industry.

There was a mixed range of scaffolding access solutions provided on site, but most of the scaffold was comprised of suspended tube and fitting, with a large portion of these above a ‘walk on’ ceiling.

Other examples of access solutions we provided were bespoke-engineered/designed scaffolds such as a suspended scaffold over the server room and a 15 tonne UDL loading bay for installation of equipment

This contract involved over 125,000 man-hours and was completed accident-free.

DePuy Synthes - Building 2 Upgrade

Purcell Scaffolding Cork Ltd. is the sole recipient of the scaffolding and access contract for the DePuy Synthes Building 2 strip out and refurbishment. The purpose of these works is to transform it from former Pfizer Lough Beg to a new state of the art mixed use facility, comprising both production facilities and office space.

Purcell Scaffolding Cork Ltd. provides general access to the civil, mechanical and electrical trades; however, we also provide specialised scaffolds. Some examples of these are a 3 level, 10 tonne loading bay with internal 1.8m rubbish chute to allow for 800 tonnes of rubble to be safely removed and various loading bays ranging from 5-18 tonnes UDL. Currently, a 24m high 1.8m wide rubbish chute has been erected on site to allow for the removal of the existing roof.

This project, while still ongoing, has to date, amassed in excess of 550,000 man-hours LTA free.

Phillips 66 - MSB Workshop Upgrade

In this project, Purcell Scaffolding Cork Ltd. provided scaffold access and fall protection for the removal of an asbestos roof. The difficulty of this task was heightened by the client’s demands for the warehouse/workshop below to be able maintain its 24/7 operations - essential to maintaining the ongoing operation of Ireland’s only oil refinery.

The scaffold was designed with large spans and a plastic “bubble” to isolate the asbestos works from the clean area below. These works were executed at roof height to allow for the client’s operations to continue uninterrupted.

Calor Gas - Tank Upgrade

Following the annual inspection of the 6 large horizontal gas tanks in Calor Whitegate, Purcell Scaffolding Cork Ltd. was contracted to provide full scaffolding access around the tanks. The purpose of these works was to facilitate the full removal and replacement of all coatings. The tanks were elevated on concrete supports and accessing the tanks in their entirety involved the use of over 3,000m2 of scaffold with large cantilevered sections.

GE - Whitegate Power Station Painting

Purcell Scaffolding Cork Ltd. was contacted to provide the internal scaffolding access within a large diameter water tank. The purpose of this was to facilitate the blasting and painting of the inner walls.

The scaffold was to be erected, the tank was to be blasted, painted and all scaffolding removed during the period of the annual 14 day turnaround. All scaffolding materials had to be taken as needed to site and taken to the works area through a vertical man hole in the tank.

This project was executed successfully and without complication due to the expertise of our scaffolding staff (who are all confined space trained), the presence of our large fleet of transport vehicles and our specialised scaffolding components.

Debenhams - St. Patrick’s Street/Maylor Street Upgrade

Purcell Scaffolding Cork Ltd. was contracted to provide the scaffolding access and fall protection, together with public protection to the iconic Debenhams (formerly Roches Stores) building abutting St. Patrick’s Street and Maylor Street on Cork’s main thoroughfare.

The goal of the scaffolding was to maintain the store’s ability to attract customers while construction and refurbishment works of the famous façade proceed safely above. To achieve this effect, the use of large spans over the main door and the removal of all low level scaffold was necessitated to allow visual access to the store’s windows.

Camden Fort Meagher

Following a request for a scaffolding quotation for the historic 6th Century Fort on the mouth of Cork Harbour from the Camden Fort Committee and its volunteer crew of restorers, the local crew of scaffolders were first to volunteer their time. Purcell Scaffolding Cork Ltd. was delighted to row in behind this display of local pride and offer the scaffolding, transport and inspections at no charge for this restoration project.

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